Who is Astavakra? What is he going to share with Wonlife Coach?

Great to see you all after a long time ! Firstly, lets us tap ourselves for moving ahead amidst the pandemic with greatest of grit and positivity. We have been calm, hopeful and determined to move ahead any obstacle. If this is true...I am sure many of us must have opted multiple techniques to keep... Continue Reading →

Coaching towards a new decade

The 2020 has not been as expected for majority of us. As not all of us are same, the impact of COVID -19 on us has also not been the same. It is quite easy to advise to accept thigs that come and move on but to those who have been affected by the negatives... Continue Reading →

Thus spoke Krishna # 15 : The Ultimate Person

The term Ultimate Person, Krishna introduces represents the Sanskrit word purusha. The important point is that purusha, or "cosmic person" or "Ultimate Person," is also another name for Krishna's ultimate form. To avoid confusion, Krishna states, in this text these terms such as purusha, Brahma (a specific god, but also written as brahma or brahman... Continue Reading →

Thus spoke Krishna #14: The Three Gunas

Krishna instructs Arjuna about the ultimate knowledge yoga  and the three gunas—sattva, rajas, and tamas—are based upon a person's disposition. The gunas keep the eternal Self bound to the physical body. Sattva binds by attachment to knowledge and joy, rajas by passion and activity, and tamas by laziness and sleep. Of the three, sattva has... Continue Reading →

Empathy Vs. Choice of Coaching

Often there are times in a Coach’s life where we confront issues of others that move us so much that we keenly try to support them. It would be even common to those who are naturally compassionate to the distress of others to uninvitedly be a part of the distress itself to lift their friend.... Continue Reading →

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